Tips To Help You Bathe Properly in Winter

Along with the cold weather of winter is the appearance of dry skin conditions and increasingly itchy. If we do not know how science will make bath lubricant layer on the damaged epidermis layer, leading to dry skin and itching.

Water temperature in the most suitable ℃ ~ 41 ℃ 38

Bath water temperature in the most suitable ℃ ~ 41 ℃ 38. If heated too will cause veins (blood vessels) around the body under the skin dilate, causing blood flow to the heart, the brain is reduced, resulting in a lack of oxygen.

Note: Winter cold air so we could not shower every day is best to shower only every 2-3 weeks alone all of you!

Before bath let the body warm

Before you take a bath and walk a little, light exercise with a few movements, effectively help prevent fainting cases before bathing. You should not excessive exercise to the point that just sweat a little hot body is.

It’s best to shower in the following order: Wash your face, body bath, shampoo final. Most of us are like shampoo before but is not scientific because low winter temperatures, undressed stepped into the bathroom, then this time the blood is concentrated in the viscera and the head, immediately if they shampoo can do will affect blood circulation beginning, if so can often lead to cerebral vascular diseases.

When bathing, the best you should not lock the bathroom door then, just in case you still have people fainting timely rescue.

When bathing you should not stooping too long, to avoid cerebral vascular obstruction. You can put in your bathroom a small stool, head down when you need it you can sit on a small chair, the last restrictions or stooping.

After the bath, it is best to use warm water flush through a turn or a cold towel to wipe the whole body, can stimulate the pores, sweat glands, nerves and helps blood flow better , also avoid colds appearance.

Skin after a bath, the natural sebum layer will be washed, the skin exposed to air, it is easy to lose moisture and become dry skin. So, need timely use of moisturizing products. Especially the part shoulders, elbows, feet and joints where many folds or is part of the heel where there is no natural sebum, the more evaporation will make these places becoming drier , sometimes feel itchy, so during care should spend more time on these areas.