Tips To Help You Avoid Some Winter Diseases

Winter cold weather, most of us have wrapped themselves in warm fur coat, but even so just do not pay attention can still be infected with a disease of winter, facing their winter illnesses it is the only way to prevent it only. So how to prevent winter diseases? Let refer to the article below!

  1. Cold forged

One of the common diseases in winter it is cold forged, common diseases at the Season, high disease rates. There are many different causes leading to disease. Comments can distinguish appearance into 2 categories, one is welding style appearance, a style appearance is heat, and we only need either solder or dissipate heat except, so feel our appearance can quickly be treated smoke. Winter how to prevent colds appearance here? please drink plenty of warm water, appropriate training, to ensure sleep, regulate nerve. If we do this, it feels good to be away from our face.

  1. Dry skin after bathing

Bathing in winter causes dry and itchy skin, which is a disease of the winter we often encounter. Soak in the hot water, wash excessively strong cause skin epidermal cells and shedding the layers chóc sebum on the skin, causing hanging painting sheltered ruined skin, leading to dry skin itch. Bathing in winter should pay attention to some of the following

+ When bathing need proper ventilation

+ Bath water is not too hot, bath time not too long.

+ Do not shower immediately when just going on.

+ A shower gel should only be used 2-3 times weekly

  • Recurrent arthritis in winter

Sky winter cold welding easy recurrence arthritis, just to winter, shoulder, knee of many older people will “protest”. Faced with this suffering, we normally just a little more attention, care should be warm, not too heavy work, eat sensibly, maintaining good habits so the disease will not relapse back again.

  • Cold weather to prevent hypertension

In winter the weather is cold, the blood vessels will shrink, high blood pressure also come naturally. Winter is here, a certain attention to keep warm. When cold weather easily scaled veins and restrict blood flow. When the temperature is lowered (the Republic), the restrictions you out for too long, if in the room, it should also turn on the heater or turn on the air conditioner. People with hypertension inappropriate campaigning too strong, can choose to advocacy gentle as walking, cycling, tai ..

  • Prone to bronchitis

Winter prone to bronchitis, cold air of winter makes older people more prone to invade welding style that would lead to bronchitis. In winter you should definitely persevere with cold water wash your face, hands and feet to wipe the whole body; Early in the morning to get up go to the places clean, fresh air to breathe, while conducting the gentle exercises, all of which makes the lining of the trachea gradually adapt to the stimulus of cold air . Also you can improve the physical qualities to enhance disease resistance.