Tips To Help Reduce Blood Fat Diet Effective

Nowadays more and more people’s lives better off making the proportion of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, especially diseases increasing blood fat, the disease is not only a great influence on the health, quality of life and risk lead to unforeseen complications. Therefore, there should be methods of reducing blood fats (also called blood cholesterol), maintained at moderate allowed to play a role of utmost importance.

  1. Methods of reducing blood fat by eating

There are many methods of reducing blood fat different, but by reducing the natural methods through nutrition, daily life is how to make the most popular and most effective.

  • Powder substance: For the case of blood fat, try eating coarse grains also, not milled, refined too. To ensure the calories into the body just right, avoid weight gain.
  • Protein agent: You should use these types of protein extracted from plants such as legumes, animal protein from fish. Lean meat using less or no.
  • Fat: Limit or not to use palm oil, coconut, tallow instead should use vegetable oils like olive oil, soy, sesame, peanut, sunflower.
  • Mineral agent: You should eat foods rich in potassium such as bananas, potatoes, peas, orange juice, celery, apple, plum, yogurt, water color paintings roots, plantains, pennywort, chrysanthemum.
  • Increase Strength calcium supplements: Calcium is a major component in the black fungus, spinach, celery, leaf guise, marjoram, young beets, basil, dill, perilla, shiitake, vegetable jute , vegetables shy, vegetable spinach, herbs, soy, white beans, pumpkin, spinach, or in categories such as crab, RAM fresh, dried shrimp, snails, clams, mussels, skimmed milk powder, yogurt …
  • Flowers Results: Use a dark green vegetable or dark yellow, red (rich in beta-carotene) as: beet, vegetable shrinkage, broccoli, yellow peppers to, basil, spinach, carrots, celery, vegetables, jute, red spinach, bok choy, cilantro, spinach, pumpkin, ripe, vegetables, spinach, vegetables aircraft, tangerines, sweet potatoes …

Condiment: Spices have biological activity helps lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, such as garlic, onions, shallots, celery.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, catfish, basa, fish howling … well, can help loosen the blood, reduce blood clotting ability, great for thrombosis prevention of stroke.

Drink red wine a day 1-2 cups, 1-2 beers cans / day, avoiding the spirits and tobacco. Alternatively, use one of the types of tea: chrysanthemum tea, tea Sicklepod, ceiling personnel, artichoke, pennywort tea, ginger tea, lotus leaf, medlar, luscious, paintings roots tea, green tea, black tea passion …

  • Check blood in body fat

You should go to the hospital or the health center for a blood test actually see blood fat levels in your body are many, especially for those over 45 and those under 45, which part family history of the disease have high cholesterol or diabetes should get tested for appropriate treatment.

For those with high cholesterol levels, you should set yourself a scientific dietary habits, consistent and focus on the foods that are good for heart health, especially the blood circulation of food help better.

  • Strengthening food good for your heart

Every week should eat fish at least 2-3 meals.

If you must use the snack food is prepared, it should pay attention to the food does not contain granular salt, fat.

Strengthening food legumes, beans, with a frequency of at least 2 meals / 1 week.

Strengthening eat green vegetables, fresh fruits, daily average 1kg / person.

  • Reduce saturated fat-containing food

These are cases of high blood fat recommend eating lean meat, if you eat chicken, the skin should not eat offline.

Limit your intake of fatty meats.

Should the use of milk, yogurt, low-fat butter.

The use of oils extracted from plants such as olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, peanut oil for everyday cooking.

Limit your intake of pastries, cheese, fried foods are, if there is only recommended 1 times / 1 week.

Limited use of foods easily cause high blood fat levels, such as eggs, animal organs, crustaceans, shellfish, …

Besides high blood fat people should increase intake of plant foods contain absolutely no cholesterol and adding vitamins, fiber because they are essential for improving health and strengthening resistance to the body.