Tips To Help Recognize The Symptoms Of Diabetes

We often say to each other that diabetes is a disease of the rich, but nowadays diabetes not only in the rich that even the poor people also suffer from this disease and further the percentage of people diabetes is increasing. Diabetes is a disease with morbidity and high mortality if not detected and treated in time, but we also have people who are sick without knowing it or confuse the symptoms of this disease with the other diseases. Here are some signs to help you recognize the symptoms of this disease.

  1. Quick urination and thirst

Those with diabetes will be easy to see how often you urinate more often and they always feel dry mouth and wanted to drink water immediately, because diabetes is a disease where the body can not convert sugar into energy so sugar blood becomes higher than normal, so the body will respond by adding more water to balance blood sugar levels so they will feel thirsty fast. Excess sugar in the blood and the body will be regularly excreted outside it will have to urinate more phenomena.

  1. Always feel tired and angry

Due to metabolize blood sugar into energy the body needs to be reduced to increase the level of work to have enough energy resources needed should you fall into always tired, irritable.

  • Quick weight loss

People with diabetes will lose weight quickly in a short time by the hormone insulin is not taken into glucose so cells do not provide enough energy to cells. When hungry cells, the body destroys proteins in the muscle and fat to make alternative materials to supplement the missing energy. This extends make you lose weight quickly and uncontrollably.

  • Weakened immune system, long from wounds or the flu

People with diabetes have too much glucose as not to be in the cell that are still floating in the blood moves away veins, arteries causing blood vessels damaged. This makes the blood can not flow to the region, the different parts of the body, causing the immune system decline obstruct the “patch” heal the wounds. Therefore, when accidentally scratches, bruising, infection will take longer than the normal off simultaneously due to reduced immunity, so it is very vulnerable to the flu.

  • Prone to skin diseases

We also visible people with diabetes, skin discoloration and often susceptible to skin diseases. This symptom is caused by the body with insulin resistance leads to dry skin, poor blood circulation and lead to other skin diseases such as skin discoloration (around the neck and armpit).

  • blurred vision

Due to the excess of glucose in the blood will cause the body to produce a type of sorbitol obstruct vision, making the diabetic eye often feel blurred.

  • Tingling or pain in the feet or hands

People with diabetes will appear a number of signs or tingling pain in the feet or hands, because it is said to be signs of peripheral neuropathy, due to nerves from diabetes injured . However, symptoms are so far no one knows exactly why diabetes caused neuropathy.

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