Tip Abandon Habits That Hurt Your Teeth Unexpected

Besides the constant attention to dental care, you also need to pay special attention to the daily routine seemingly “innocuous” but potential risks teeth can hurt offline .After this will be the tip did not give up the habit of good oral health:

No snacking at night According to the results of a study carried out in 2010 have shown, people have a habit of snacking at night will usually lose more teeth than others. Saliva plays a very important role in the process of cleaning the plaque in the tooth feed. Do not drink white wine People may be afraid to drink red wine for fear it may leave stains on your teeth immediately after drinking, and they are often replaced with white wine. However, the white wine over the long term could be potentially damaging threats to your teeth. White wine with a high acid, the acid will corrode tooth enamel can, can make teeth the most vulnerable. Not so much mouth breathing We tend to breathe through your mouth every time you go to a stuffy nose, or exercise. This process will make the mouth dry because of loss of a certain amount of saliva, saliva which would be essential in preventing the decay process and avoid hurting teeth. Do not chew too much gum Chewing gum will not hurt your teeth, further containing xylitol candy also has anti-caries effects. However, if you chew too much gum can also cause irritation to the temporomandibular joint-function, leading to headaches, neck, ears, and facial pain. Do not bite your nails Nail biting is a bad habit that we should give up immediately because it will not only damage the nails but also can be harmful to periodontal health. Biting your nails is to make your upper teeth deformed, will gradually be able to form the habit of teeth grinding at bedtime or hurt your teeth. Use a straw when drinking Habits often do not use a straw when drinking soft drinks or soda, and drink from a cup or bottle directly may also cause tooth decay you risk the long term due to direct contact with sweeteners. Therefore, in order to protect the health of dental avoid hurt, you try to get into the habit of drinking straws from us today. Not brushing horizontally Experts have advised on how best brushing can help us to prevent periodontal disease, the gums are brushed in circles. If you brush your teeth horizontally will be worn enamel and tooth damage is unavoidable.