What is the full meaning of health

What is the full meaning of health? Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not mere absence of disease or infirmity. We define health as “a state or condition optimizing physical as well as mental fitness and in sound condition without a recognized diagnosis of any communicable diseases” The definition of […]

Tips To Help Reduce Blood Fat Diet Effective

Nowadays more and more people’s lives better off making the proportion of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, especially diseases increasing blood fat, the disease is not only a great influence on the health, quality of life and risk lead to unforeseen complications. Therefore, there should be methods of reducing blood fats (also called blood cholesterol), […]

Hypertension Who Need To Keep in Mind The Following

Currently the percentage of people with high blood pressure and more, not only in older people anymore but people over 30 years old also. Hypertension without special care, timely treatment will affect the health and even cause some serious complications. So people suffering from hypertension should pay attention to what? Please refer to the article […]

Tips To Help You Avoid Some Winter Diseases

Winter cold weather, most of us have wrapped themselves in warm fur coat, but even so just do not pay attention can still be infected with a disease of winter, facing their winter illnesses it is the only way to prevent it only. So how to prevent winter diseases? Let 1001meo.com refer to the article […]

Before Drink What You Should Eat To No More Prone To Sickness ?

Wine dinner, gather friends, business negotiations .. and alcohol seems to have become associated emotional bridge between man and man. The problem is also here, so eat before drinking alcohol can help you not prone to say? Let’s refer 1001meo.com tips below! About 15 minutes before drinking, you drink at least one bottle (box) yogurt, […]

Tips For Getting Women Not in The Winter Cold Limbs

In the winter due to the cold weather, a lot of female friends for many different reasons, such as resistance to cold quite poor, some of you to anemia, poor physical, blood loss in the period when, dressed shirt makes less .. when coming winter, prone to cold wind makes prone to cold hands and […]

Some Things To Note When Kidney Stones

Kidney stones and factors such as infection, metabolic disorders substances, urinary retention .. intimately correlated, due to the metabolic imbalance between the crystals and colloids in the body cause out, although not fatal infectious disease at all, but easy to relapse several times, along with the quality of life increasing, people in middle age suffering […]